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Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental Implant diagram with Abudment and Crown by Tigard dentist at Lisa Gitelson, DMD.Your teeth are an essential part of your mouth, responsible for many important daily tasks. Along with enabling you to bite and chew food, your teeth control the flow of air when you speak and provide you with a beautiful, confident smile. Tooth loss has a significant impact on all of these functions. Replacing them is critical for restoring your overall quality of life. Dental implants are a fairly recent addition to the available tooth restoration options, and one of the most popular. They provide a whole host of benefits.

Along with restoring the basic functions of your teeth, dental implants are more comfortable, they are easier to care for, and they are permanent. Dental implants also preserve the health of your jawbone, stopping the bone loss that follows tooth loss. At Lisa Gitelson, DMD, we can help you to determine if dental implants are the best option for you.

You are Missing Teeth

Dental implants are designed to replace missing teeth. You can lose your teeth for any number of different reasons, including gum disease, oral trauma, bruxism and more. No matter if you lose one tooth or all of them, missing teeth need to be replaced. There are several different types of dental implants, which enable them to be used to suit a variety of different needs.

While dental implants are used to replace missing teeth, you don’t have to be missing them right now. If you need to have one or more teeth extracted, dental implants can be discussed as an option for restoration.

You are Never Too Old

Many older patients think that they are simply too old for dental implants. This is far from the case. You are never too old for dental implants. You can, however, be too young. The jaw continues to develop and grow well into the late teen years. Inserting a dental implant into an underdeveloped jaw can lead to significant developmental and oral health issues.

For this reason, your jaw must be fully developed to be considered a candidate. If your child or teen has lost a permanent tooth, other methods will be used. Once the jaw has finished growing, then an implant can be discussed.

You are Healthy

Dental implants require surgery. To undergo surgery, you must be healthy. Issues like gum disease must first be treated before receiving implants. Any chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes must be under control. Your health is integral to avoiding infections and other complications during surgery and as you heal. If you feel unwell before your appointment, it may be necessary to postpone the procedure until you feel better.

You are a Non-Smoker

Smoking and other tobacco-based products contain thousands of harmful chemicals. These chemicals can interfere with your ability to heal and can lead to implant failure. The chemicals in cigarettes lead to reduced oxygen in the blood and slow blood circulation. When this happens, your healing is greatly slowed, increasing your risk for developing an infection. Smoking can also lead to a condition known as dry socket, a condition in which the clot becomes dislodged. To receive implants, you must be willing to quit for a period before and after surgery, if you cannot quit for good.

Your Jawbone is in Good Condition

Implants rely on a process known as osseointegration, or the fusion of your bone to the rods. For successful osseointegration, you must have sufficient bone mass in your jaw. When you lose your teeth, the bone begins to resorb and grow weak. The sooner the teeth are replaced, the better. If you lack sufficient bone mass, you may need to consider a bone graft or alternatives such as the All on 4 treatment concept.

Dental implants give you back your smile, restore the functions of your teeth, and restore your quality of life. To schedule your consultation and find out if you are a candidate, call Lisa Gitelson, DMD at (503) 985-8945 today.

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